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Simmonds Mortgage Services is owned and run by Andrew Simmonds. He has been a Mortgage Adviser for over 15 years and is committed to offering all clients the best possible customer service experience, as well as individually tailored advice specific to the client’s needs and objectives.

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Why does the currency of my income impact my mortgage application?

If you’re looking to return to the UK from working abroad or...

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How do I become a landlord in the UK?

Becoming a landlord might sound like a good way to make an...

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What happens to a mortgage after a divorce?

With many marriages now ending in divorce or separation, it’s not uncommon...

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Can I get a mortgage if I’ve just changed jobs?

Starting a new job doesn’t have to prevent you from getting a...

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How does credit scoring work in JBSP mortgages?

Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) mortgages are products where more than one...

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Does visa status affect mortgage applications?

One question that often comes up from visa holders is, ‘Can I...

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Simmonds Mortgage Services wins an ESTAS award 2023

Winning a small business award can be hugely beneficial for your business....

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Can I use a second charge loan to release equity?

A second charge loan is an alternative to other forms of raising...

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Is it possible to get an interest-only residential mortgage?

With the rise in interest rates making mortgage repayments more unaffordable since December 2021,...

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